A Word from the Principal

    The American Section Middle School prides itself on its position as the keystone in the overall “arc” of our students’ education, despite only figuring into 20 % of their typical day. Comprised of four grades--Sixième (Sixth), Cinquième (Seventh), Quatrième (Eighth) and Troisème (Ninth), the Middle School recognizes the rapid changes in our students--both cognitive and emotional. As a direct result, we strive to provide our students with curricula that recognize their intellectual and emotional needs, all the while steadily building them up for critical “big picture” thinking so essential later on in high school. We believe that in giving our students a positive Middle School experience, they should thrive as Upper School students.  

    The American Section Middle School recognizes one unshakeable tenet of American pedagogy--that learning can, and should be, fun. Our teachers recognize that learning is deeper and better retained when presented in a novel, interesting manner. To this end, the Section has developed curricula that combines serious learning with creative projects--specifically designed to bring out the very best in each and every one of our students.  

    The Middle School also has a unique feature, in that it is built on two campuses. The Marcel Roby campus is in the center of St. Germain-en-Laye is typically suited for students who speak fluent French or desire a collège-only experience. The other campus, at the Lycée International accommodates beginning learners of French as well bilingual students.

    Finally, in order to provide students with as richly varied a school experience as possible, the Middle School also hosts a variety of after-school activities. Among the many offerings are Theatre, Student Council, Yearbook, Chess, and Book Club. For motivated older Middle School students, there is also the Human Rights Team and Model United Nations. Students may also participate in after-school activities offered by their school campus. Additionally, the Middle School offers a variety of American-style social events throughout the year.

    Adrienne Covington

    Middle School Principal