Beyond the Classroom

    A core American Section community value is that that learning should not be limited to what transpires in the traditional classroom, but that a full education features opportunities to explore hands-on, experiential learning. American Section students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities. They take multiple trips around and beyond France, and benefit from campus visits from health professionals, artists, writers, and academics.

    To ensure optimal student wellness, a Student Support Program is in place to accompany students as they grow. This takes the form of Character Education in the Lower School, which stresses six basic human values. In the Middle and Upper schools there is a student advisory program which provides individual advisory sessions at key developmental stages. An accompanying health program targets specific health issues, such as bullying prevention, managing stress, navigating interpersonal relationships, cyber-safety, substance abuse education, developing self-esteem and positive body image.

    Our wide array of co-curricular activities aims at developing leadership, global awareness, and responsibility. Students have the opportunity to pursue a range of artistic, literary, cultural, geopolitical and service related activities. We actively promote Community Service and Global Citizenship through a range of programs.

    Finally, the American Section fosters a sense of community for students, parents, faculty and staff through a series of dances, parties and other social events.