Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is the governing body of ASALI, Association de la Section Américaine du Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The Board consists of a seven to eleven Trustees who are elected by ASALI members (parents of current students) for a two-year term at the Annual Ordinary General Meeting (AGM) held every autumn. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM and keep abreast of Board activities by reading ASALInk. Interested parents may attend a regular meeting of the Board or request a topic for discussion by giving the President advance notice.

    Role of the Board

    The Board is responsible for ensuring that the American Section adheres to the Association Bylaws and keeps community members informed about relevant information concerning the Section and its administration.

    Trustees offer their expertise, resources, time and energy on a volunteer basis. Board members bring a wide range of skills: from finance, legal, and technology to communications and general management. Above all, Trustees are committed to the American Section mission and vision.  Members of the Board of Trustees may be of any nationality, and at least seven Board members must be parents.

    What does the Board of Trustees do?

    • Recruits, appoints, supports and evaluates the Director to lead the Section.
    • Charges the Director with the task of ensuring the educational quality of the Section and its academic programs.
    • Charges the Director with the task of leading the strategic planning process, participates in that process, approves the plan and monitors its progress.
    • Ensures that institutional policies and processes are current and properly implemented.
    • Establishes accounts and budgets, sets tuition fees, and engages directly in fundraising.

    How the Board of Trustees operates

    Trustees meet regularly throughout the school year in two different types of meetings: regular or general meeting and executive session.

    Section parents may attend regular meetings by giving the President of the Board at least one day's notice and agreeing to abide by the ethical guidelines for Board members.

    The President can call executive sessions of the Board when necessary. Only members of the Board of Trustees and the Director attend executive session, though other individuals may be invited to attend to present information.

    In addition each Trustee participates in one or more committees. Committees research, analyze and prepare reports for information and/or action. Standing committees are: Finance, Trustee, Development, and Executive. Subcommittees and point persons/liaisons are organized on the basis of need and current Board objectives.