We already pay tuition; why does the Section ask for donations?

    The Board of Trustees has made a conscious effort to keep tuition as low as possible so as to be affordable to qualified students. In order to innovate, and to provide those programs and services that go beyond what tuition alone can provide, we must raise money through fundraising.


    Why is my participation important?

    Every gift – at every level – counts. A high parent participation rate shows the faculty that parents recognize and support their work. Our fundraising participation rates are motivating, as much 100% from the Board of Trustees, 83% from faculty and staff and 70% from current families. When approaching outside entities for support, high participation rates among constituencies are convincing.


    How much am I expected to give ?

    Gifts range from 10€ to several thousand euros. No gift is too small and every gift is important, because as a whole they make a huge difference in the education and extracurricular experience we are able to offer American Section students. Please be as generous as your circumstances allow.


    We already give to other charities that are more in need of funding.

    Many members of our community are committed to very worthy causes. We hope that they also consider their children’s school to be a philanthropic priority. The Section dedicates part of its donation income to teaching children about community service and global citizenship while they are students here, and to helping those in need to attend the American Section.


    Does the American Section accept matching gifts?

    Yes. The Section is very grateful to receive support through generous matching gift programs, which can double or triple the size of a gift. Please let us know if your employer has a matching gift program.

    I give so much of my time to the Section. Why should I also support the Annual Fund?

    There are many ways to give to the American Section, and volunteering allows parents to donate valuable assets – time and talent – to benefit our school and our students. Donating treasure to the Annual Fund is another essential way for parents to make a difference, by supporting innovations and programs that would otherwise not exist.

    More questions? Please contact us.