Fostering Intellectual Curiosity

    Within the unique context of the Lycée International and its partner schools, where students learn in both French and their national language, the American Section provides a high quality American educational and cultural experience.

    We strive to offer the best teaching practices and extracurricular activities, in a collaborative and engaged American and international community, in order to foster intellectual curiosity and self-confidence that will help students realize their full potential. The American Section prepares students to play dynamic roles in the world, by developing their leadership abilities and sense of responsibility towards others.

    The American Section Mission Statement

    The American Section seeks to instill in students a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to engage confidently in self-directed learning. We provide a learning environment characterized by positive reinforcement and support, with opportunities for inquiry-based learning. Our faculty encourages and supports individual initiatives.

    Certified American teachers, who bring their American teacher training and cultural experience to the classroom, teach all American Section classes. The American Section’s portion of each child’s school week accounts for approximately 20% of classroom time. During the remaining 80% of the time, students are taught by French teachers, according to the program directed by the French National Education Ministry. The result is a unique bilingual and bi-cultural education, which combines the best of the two education systems.