Grades 7 - 12 (5eme - Tle)

    Applicants for Grades Seven – Twelve (Cinquième – Terminale) must submit the following materials:

    • Letter from the parents of the applicant addressed to the Director of the American Section. This letter may be written in either English or French, and should be typed if possible. It should explain:
      • Academic background and level of achievement
      • Cultural background and experience
      • Degree of fluency in the French language, if any; (i.e. whether the applicant will need the Français Spécial, the French language immersion course of study, or not)
      • Any specific reasons for which the family is applying to the American Section
      • Family’s intention to reside within a reasonable distance of one of our campuses, with an exact address when known
      • Extra-curricular interests and hobbies (sports, music, theater, etc.)
      • Further details concerning the applicant that parents feel would be pertinent.


    • Completed Lycée International Demande d’Inscription (see application packet below)


    • Completed General Information Form (see application packet below)


    • Signed Checklist (see application packet below)


    • Complete set of report cards or school transcripts for the past three years, including the most recent grades received at the time of application


    • Recommendation Form from the present English teacher (see application packet below)


    • Detailed description of the English curriculum


    • Recommendation Form from the present Mathematics teacher if the child is studying mathematics in English. (see application packet below)


    • Recommendation Form from the present Guidance Counselor or Principal (if the child is studying in an English-speaking school) (see application packet below)


    • Sample of the applicant’s writing in English.  At least two compositions of around 250 words that have been hand-written by the candidate and corrected by this year’s English teacher (both expository and creative writing, if possible)


    • Supervised essay. Families must provide the name and e-mail address of the person who will supervise the applicant during the writing of the essay. The American Section will then send the essay topic via e-mail and he/she will return the requested work directly to our admissions office. This will be done once the complete application is received by our office.


    • Results of any recent American standardized tests


    • C.N.E.D. (Centre national d’enseignement à distance) results, if applicable


    • Photocopy of passport or birth certificate


    • Passport-sized photo with the applicant’s name written clearly on the back


    • Application fee of 200€ (payable by check or wire transfer. We cannot accept US$ checks.)


    Application Documents for Grade Seven - Twelve (5ème - Tle)