Lower School

    At the Lycée International, the American Section Lower School begins instruction with Pre-K (Moyenne Section) and continues through 5th grade (CM2). The program consists of two half-days per week, on a designated morning and afternoon. Students study in French and follow the French national education curriculum the rest of the week. Regular parent involvement with homework is necessary.

    In addition to their language and literature coursework, Primary students also receive instruction in:

    • Science in 2nd and 3rd grade (CE1 & CE2)
    • Geography in 4th grade (CM1)
    • American History in 5th grade (CM2).

    All Primary students have library and art classes beginning in 1st grade (CP). American Section students in grades 3-5 (CE2/CM1/CM2) may participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

    Pre-K & Kindergarten (Moyenne & Grande Section)

    All Pre-K (MS) students are externs, meaning that they attend their local French school alongside the American Section classes. There is no Pre-K French class at the Lycée International. All students must be enrolled in a French school to ensure the best possible initiation into bilingual education. Most Kindergarten students are also externés.

    Grades 1-5 (CP-CM2)

    There are three enrollment options for Lower School students:

    • Externé (students attend their local French school and come to the Lycée International twice a week for American Section class)
    • Full-time at the Lycée International campus (Please note that there is no lunch program for Kindergarten (GS) or 1st Graders (CP) on the Lycée International campus.)
    • Full-time at the Ecole Schnapper campus

    The decision as to whether a child is enrolled on a full-time basis at either the Lycée or Schnapper campus, or in the externé program, is based on many criteria including space availability, student profile, and parental preference.