Middle School (6th - 9th grades/6eme - 3eme)

    Children applying for grades 6-9 (6ème-3ème) should demonstrate a strong overall academic level, the appropriate level of English, and that they are organized, independent students.

    Candidates are assessed to determine their general level of English and their ability to learn in French and English simultaneously.

    6th & 7th grade (Sixème and Cinqième)

    Applicants are evaluated above all in terms of their linguistic proficiency and bilingual learning capacity.

    8th grade on (Quatrième)

    In addition to linguistic proficiency and bilingual learning capacity, prospective students must also demonstrate age-appropriate analytical skills.

    9th grade (Troisème)

    Candidates are evaluated to predict their ability to meet the demands of the OIB examinations taken during the Terminale year (12th grade).

    All candidates for the Français Spécial language immersion program must be interviewed by a Français Spécial teacher from the Lycée International.