Middle School

    Middle School in France includes 6th-9th grades (6ème-3ème). All American Section Middle School students follow the French Ministry of Education curriculum, and have an additional four hours per week of English language/literature, and two hours per week of history/geography taught by American Section teachers. 

    The American Section has two Middle School campuses, one at the Lycée International and the other at the Collège Marcel Roby in St.-Germain-en-Laye. All students in good standing, regardless of the middle school campus assignment, are admitted to the Lycée International Upper School beginning in the 10th grade (2nde).

    Students on both campuses are strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. The American Section offers a Middle School drama program, Community Service opportunities, Model United Nations, Yearbook, Human Rights Watch, Student Council, Orchestra, Jazz Band and singing groups.

    All Middle School students participate together in Classrooms without Walls trips. Past excursions have included 6th and 8th grade (6ème and 4ème) day-trips to Paris, and a trip to Amsterdam in the 7th grade (5ème).