Our Program

    We offer an academically intense program in English designed to challenge students to maximize their intellectual and creative potentials.

    Lower and Middle School students have six hours per week of American Section; Upper School students have eight hours. Starting in Grade 4 (CM1), two-thirds of this time is devoted to English Language and Literature, and one-third to History and Geography (Grade 2 and 3 (CE1 and CE2) students study science instead of history and geography.) Except for First and Second Grade Plus, all classes are taught in English at advanced native level. The remainder of the academic curriculum is taught by French teachers, in accordance with programs defined by the National Ministry of Education.

    We do not teach English, we teach in English. All admitted students must possess native or near-native English language skills, and most speak both French and English fluently. The school’s Français Speciale progam enrolls students who do not speak French upon admission. They receive intensive French language instruction over the course of one year and then join regular French classes in their second year.

    To read about the specific curriculums offered at each grade level, please consult the academics section.