PreKindergarten (Moyenne Section)

    AMERICAN CURRICULUM (20% of the school week)

    The Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes English language development, socialization, and American culture. Through a series of broad, high-interest themes, our four-year-old students have many opportunities during each session to increase their vocabulary and develop fine motor and perceptual-motor skills while they interact with others. Their “play” is truly a learning time for cooperation and sharing. Literary appreciation and alphabet awareness are developed through stories and Mother Goose rhymes, and children borrow books weekly from their classroom library. The classroom is equipped with a multi-touch interactive Smartboard. The students also have 1 to 1 iPad access; used at the discretion of the teacher.  American holidays and customs are celebrated with songs, poetry, and games. 

    FRENCH CURRICULUM (80% of the school week)

    For more information on the content and skills developed in French during the year go to the website of the French Ministry of Education.