Time, Talent & Treasure

    In the American Section the relationship between parents and the school doesn’t stop at the gate. The depth and breadth of our students’ education experience is enhanced by the generous donations of time, talent and treasure by community members.

    Section parents donate innumerable volunteer hours:

    • Helping check out books during Lower School library sessions
    • Organizing student parties and dances
    • Coaching American Section soccer teams
    • Performing procurement and planning logistics for the Fundraising Gala
    • Sharing professional expertise and providing counsel
    • Making crafts and baking, and much, much more

    Our students are also encouraged to volunteer at our community events, such as the Cocktail Party and the Fundraising Gala.

    Members of the American Section community and alumni also give back by contributing to our Annual Fund. These donations enable us to go above and beyond, providing programs and classroom enhancements that are not covered by tuition fees alone. Close to 70% of our families contribute to the Section’s fundraising efforts.