Faculty and Administration

The faculty of the American Section at Lycée International bring the best in American pedagogy to our international environment. In keeping with our statutes, all American Section faculty hold degrees from North American universities, are experienced educators, and are citizens of either the United States or Canada. Over 90% of our faculty have received advanced degrees, primarily in their field of instruction. 

American Section faculty are dedicated to helping students reach their highest personal and academic potential, both inside and outside the classroom. Be it during a history lesson, an advisory session, or co-curricular activity, they go above and beyond, supporting students, encouraging their leadership skills, and nurturing a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to others.

We are proud of our unique blend of institutional stability and current ideas. While the average tenure of faculty and staff is eleven years, we also infuse this excellence with the most up-to-date pedagogy through continuous professional development and hiring of new teachers.

Staff Directory

Brian Brazeau

Director & Upper School Principal

Beccy Haugen

Lower School Principal

Mary Diard

Middle School Principal

Margaret Jenkins

Assistant Director for Development, Communications & External Relations

Marina Pruteanu

Finance and Operations Manager

Lisa Stephans

Director of Admissions

Catherine Boalch

University Counselor, Head of Upper School History

Eleonore Cabot-Morel

Office Manager

Charlotte Jarquin

Middle School Director of Student Development and Services

Amy Crist

Lead Librarian & Technology Specialist