French Immersion at the Lycée International

For students who come to the school with little or no French knowledge, the Lycée International has a tailored offering called Français Spécial (FS). Through specialized teaching, the Français Spécial program enables students to acquire sufficient knowledge of written and spoken French to follow native-speaking French classes the following year. This ambitious objective means that the student and family must be highly motivated to learn French and be prepared to assume these challenges.

Français Spécial is offered from second through tenth grade (CE1Seconde), each class with some 20 students of different nationalities. At certain levels, there are combined classes. For example, students in fourth and fifth grades (CM1 and CM2) are taught in a combined class, as are students in eighth and ninth (Quatrième and Troisième).

Prerequisites for admission into the Français Spécial program:


  • Strong, age-appropriate oral and written skills (all grade levels)


  • Solid math skills


  • Possess a strong desire to learn French and integrate into the French national school system
  • Work actively and consistently in class and complete all homework assignments
  • Respect the rules, philosophy, and community of the Lycée International
  • Accept that the composition of a Français Spécial class is both culturally and linguistically diverse