Kindergarten (Grande Section)

American Curriculum (25% of school time)

Kindergarten is the year our students discover their reading superpowers! We also work on English-language development, socialization, and education about American culture. Enrichment topics vary from year to year. These topics serve to stimulate the child’s interest in the world around him.

Kindergarten is the first of a three-year phonics cycle. SRA/Open Court Phonics is coupled with Reading Workshop as developed by the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University to create a balanced and differentiated literacy program that gives explicit instruction in phonics while fostering comprehension and a love of books and reading.  Children also borrow books weekly from their classroom library. 

Students are introduced to writing through the Writing Workshop model. At this level, being able to work at and complete a task independently, at an attentive, steady pace is developed and encouraged. The classroom is equipped with a multi-touch interactive Smartboard. 

From everyday experiences that lead to discussions and the use of mentor texts which purport happiness, believing in oneself, and being a caring, determined, and responsible child, the various aspects of our character education program are woven into our curriculum daily.

French Curriculum (75% of school time)

For more on the content and skills developed in French during the year, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Education.