Moving Up to Sixth Grade (6ème)

Internal Transfer Policy

Determining campus priority for American Section students entering Sixième

Internal Transfer is defined as the progression of students from one cycle to another within the school system, as well as their movement from one site to another within the American Section’s network of partner schools, which is made up of the Ecole Schnapper, the Collège Marcel Roby, and the Lycée International.

Policy Objectives

  • To maintain the academic balance of the American Section at Marcel Roby and the Lycée International while seeking to create an orderly flow of students from one campus to another and best suit their respective places in the K–12 educational cycle
  • To provide both continuity and variety in the K–12 educational cycle, since all American Section students who attend Upper School do so at the Lycée International


Priority for entrance at a campus where the demand exceeds the number of places follows the criteria listed below. It is understood that in the event that a cut-off proves necessary, it will respect the integrity of the following groupings rather than draw lines within a given group.

Priority for entrance to:

The French educational program consists of distinct cycles, between which it is common for children to change locations. This policy and the American Section’s overall educational cycle, which ends at the Lycée International, provide both continuity and variety.