Eighth Grade (Quatrième)

American Curriculum (20% of school time)

Quatrième marks the start of shift in a young person's education in France, with a greater emphasis placed on academics and complex thinking and our Middle School has created a curriculum that works in parallel with this change.

Literature (four hours per week): Analytical thinking truly comes to the forefront of all that is taught and studied in Quatrième. Students are given ample opportunity to explore a variety of genres and thought-provoking works of literature. The works, many of them pillars of American literature, compel students to question the world around them and to formulate their independent thinking skills. Authors include Sandra Cisneros and Harper Lee, among others. Poetry and creative writing are features of the program. Oral skills are also emphasized, as they have been throughout the Middle School thus far, and students are expected to present substantial reports to their classmates. Vocabulary is taught in the context of the works studied and also with the Wordly Wise workbook series.

History (two hours per week): Students study American History from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. One of the topics studied in-depth is one that has resonance to all of our students — America’s position as a land of opportunity to immigrants. 

Library and Digital Literacy: Students in Middle School are encouraged to develop a love of reading through regular library visits, book clubs, and reading projects. The librarians also collaborate with teachers to introduce and sharpen research skills to promote the effective use of books and of the Internet. In addition to helping students choose good books to read, the Section’s librarians stress the proper citation of research sources during the Middle School years to foster respect for intellectual property and the avoidance of plagiarism.

Standardized Testing: In the spring, Quatrième students take the CTP5.

Field Trip: Designed to teach our students about the importance of respecting Planet Earth, the Quatrième field trip imparts important hands-on lessons about sustainability.

Health and Wellness: The Section introduces its Quatrième students to the importance of wise choices and practicing healthy behaviors through gender-based question and answer groups 

French Curriculum (80% of school time)

In Quatrième, students follow the French national curriculum, which means at least four hours per week of both French and math. Students are also required to study another foreign language (Langue Vivante 2) in addition to their bilingual instruction. For more on the content and skills developed in French during the year, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Education.