Seventh Grade (Cinquième)

American Curriculum (20% of school time)

Seventh grade represents a modest step up from the already significant demands made of sixth graders. By now, students have settled in and are ready to assume greater challenges and explore more complex issues. 

Literature (four hours per week): Cinquième Literature resumes where Sixième left off, providing students with opportunities to continue their exploration of genres of American literature and different types of written assignments. Creative writing projects are one way for students to express themselves in English. Additionally, students are expected to start to develop their critical thinking skills, most especially through guided analyses of the literature works assigned. The works, which provide a blend of classic and contemporary works of fiction, are thought-provoking and specially selected for this age group. Among the authors studied, students will also read their first work of Shakespeare, in its entirety. Vocabulary is taught in the context of the works studied and also with weekly work in the Wordly Wise workbook series.

History (two hours per week): Students continue the study begun in 5th Grade of early American History from the Revolution to the Civil War and Reconstruction. Writing, speaking and critical thinking skills are developed and students end the year with a solid grasp of the basics of America’s pre-twentieth-century history. 

Library and Digital Literacy: Students in Middle School are encouraged to develop a love of reading through regular library visits, book clubs, and reading projects. The librarians also collaborate with teachers to introduce and sharpen research skills to promote the effective use of books and of the Internet.  In addition to helping students to find good books to read, the Section’s librarians stress the proper citation of research sources during the Middle School years to foster a respect for intellectual property and the avoidance of plagiarism.

Standardized Testing:  In the spring, Cinquième students take the CTP5.

Field Trip: With the increased focus in Cinquième on complex issues such as racism and conflict, the Section prides itself on its three-day trip to Amsterdam, still going strong after 13 years! All three Cinquième classes participate in this eagerly awaited trip which focuses on the themes of tolerance, diversity, and sustainability, culminating in a visit to the Anne Frank House. 

French Curriculum (80% of school time)

In Cinquième, students follow the French national curriculum which means at least four hours per week of both French and math. Students may also opt to take Latin. For more on the content and skills developed in French during the year, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Education.