Twelfth Grade (Terminale)

American Curriculum (20% of school time)

Literature (five hours per week): The Terminale year adheres to the guidelines for the Option Internationale au Baccalauréat (OIB). By this year, students are expected to study literary works at a very sophisticated level, most significantly, as a culmination of their study of language and literature in the American Section. They will be prepared to take the year-end four-hour written examination and a half-hour oral examination on the literary texts studied over the past two years. Students may choose between writing two two-hour essays, or one two-hour essay and one prose or poetry commentary on a passage from an unknown literary work, testing how they apply skills of close reading and analysis to a piece of literature. The oral examination includes close analysis of a passage or poem chosen from texts that the students have studied in depth, followed by a question-and-answer session about the literary works studied during the two-year program.

According to OIB guidelines and in coordination with other OIB schools, by the end of Terminale, students will have studied the following texts: one play by Shakespeare, two nineteenth- or twentieth-century English-language novels, two English-language plays, a selection of works by two English-language poets, one English-language nonfiction text or selections of nonfiction writing, and four non-English-language works of literature in translation. 

History (three hours a week): Designed by the French Ministry of Education, the Terminale history/geography curriculum is a well-defined program that has students focusing on five to six major themes in history and geography. In history, those themes include the relationships of societies to their past, the role of the media in forming public opinion, the rise of China since 1911, American foreign policy from 1919 to the present, regions of conflict focusing on the Middle East, international governance since 1945, and US domestic history from World War II to the present. This grand historical survey constitutes half of the program.

In geography, students study different aspects of globalization (including an in-depth look at a global product or service), the Americas (comparing the superpower of the United States with the rise of Brazil, representing a BRIC nation), the challenges of development in Africa, and issues relating to the economic growth of Asia. The breadth of this program, with each theme resembling a semester-long course in university, is coupled with the demand for students to effectively synthesize and analyze the information on their year-end OIB exam. Two weeks after the four-hour written bac in June, all OIB students also have a 15-minute oral exam. It is normally the last épreuve of the Terminale year.

French Curriculum (80% of school time)

In Terminale, students continue following the French national curriculum with the additional eight hours of class in their international sections.

Terminale students must choose two out of their three spécialités. The Lycée International offers eight different choices: 

  • Langues-Littérature-Cultures Etrangères (LLCE) 
  • Histoire-Géographie-Géopolitique et Sciences Politiques (HGGSP)
  • Humanités-Littérature-Philosophie (HLP) 
  • Maths 
  • Science Numérique et Science Informatiques (NSI)
  • Science de la Vie et de la Terre (SVT)
  • Physique/Chimie
  • Science Economiques et Sociales (SES)

For more on the content and skills developed in French during the year, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Education.