Acceptance Criteria and Testing

Acceptance to the American Section at Lycée International is based on overall academic achievement and the likelihood of success in the dual-culture, bilingual education program.

In addition, we seek to enroll students who have:

  • Native or near-native level English language proficiency (vocabulary, language skills, and reading ability)
  • Affinity with American culture

French language skills are not a requirement for applicants to the French-language immersion. There are, however, specific academic criteria to be met.

Apart from the youngest children (PreK–Second Grade/MS–CE1) and Français Spécial applicants, most decisions are made on file.

All favorable recommendations are submitted to the Headmaster of the French school (the Proviseur) for final approval.

Once a student has been accepted, an official acceptance letter will be mailed to parents.

Students are officially registered once completed paperwork has been returned and the registration fee and advance deposit paid.