Enrollment Information

Once a student has been accepted, a formal acceptance letter is mailed to parents. Letters are generally sent in early June for the following school year. Students are not officially registered until completed paperwork has been returned and both registration fee and advance deposit are paid.

Campus Assignment

To maximize the number of student who can benefit from our unique programs, the Lycée International has developed a network of partner schools for Lower and Middle School, and an externé program in Lower School. The American Section works with two schools in Saint-Germain-en-Laye to accommodate additional Lower and Middle School students.

The decision of where children are assigned is based on many criteria, including space availability, student profile, and parental preference. The student's assigned campus will be specified in the acceptance letter.

Our partner schools feature dedicated American Section classrooms and libraries, and use the same learning tools and curriculum as those on the Lycée International campus. Classes on all three campuses are taught by American Section teachers. When not in their American Section classes, these students are in regular classes with the other students following the national French education curriculum.

Partner School for Lower School – Ecole Schnapper, 22 rue Schnapper

Partner School for Middle School – Collège Marcel Roby, 3 rue de La Rochejaquelein