Tenth Grade / 2nde Application Details

Class Details
  • Bilingual:  80% French and 20% American, consisting of 5 hours of Language and Literature and 3 hours of History.

  • Class Size : three classes of 18-20 students each (Lycée International campus only).

  • Estimated number of places available next year:  1-2 places for the French immersion track, 0-2 places for the bilingual track. 

  • Age:  Candidates must be born in 2008 to enroll in this class (15 years old).
  • Level of English: Applicants must possess native-level English (spoken, written, comprehension) to be considered for the program. We do not have a classe d’accueil for local French students. Please contact the British Section for this option.
  • Level of French : Bilingual applicants must provide proof of age-appropriate French. This can be done by providing grade reports from a French school or CNED reports (cours à distance). If these are unavailable, please contact the Admissions Office before applying. Students with an intermediate level of French may qualify for the French-immersion program.
  • Foreign Language (Langue Vivante) requirements: A minimum of one additional foreign language is required at this grade level. Students should have at least three years of study in Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, or Italian. Please check with the Admissions Office for any other options.



Class-specific information about the Tenth Grade (Seconde) curriculum is available here. 


Applications should be submitted online via the American Section website between December 1 and January 15 for the following school year.  


A written test is required for all candidates. An individual interview may be scheduled at a later date for selected candidates as part of a second round of assessments.

  • Local candidates: Testing will take place on-site at the Lycée International on Wednesday afternoon February 1, 2023. Details will be sent to candidates on January 23, 2023.
  • Overseas candidates: Group testing will take place online in January and February. Information will be sent to you once your file has been submitted.
French Immersion/Français Spécial  

This is a specialized track for candidates who need to reinforce their foundation in the French language before switching to the native level classes in eleventh grade (Première). They will need to have some working knowledge of the French language in order to qualify. It is no longer possible for us to accept beginners at this grade level due to recent French baccalaureate reforms.

The class is composed of 15-20 new students coming from all over the world. During the first year, French-immersion students will have three objectives: to master the French language, to complete the grade level coursework in that language, and to maintain native-level English. By the end of the year, French-immersion students must be ready to move into the mainstream bilingual classes. The FS program is challenging, particularly in Seconde, so candidates must possess a strong academic record, good study habits, and a considerable motivation to master the French language.

Additional eligibility requirement: Due to a recent reform in graduation requirements, we are only able to consider candidates for our French immersion program who have some knowledge of an additional foreign language. This would be a minimum of two years of classes in Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, or Hebrew.

If you are considering this option, we recommend that you contact the Admissions Office to go through details of the program before applying.

Campus Placement 

Lycée International Campus

All students in Seconde are enrolled full-time at the Lycée International. There will be one or two spaces available for French-immersion (FS) candidates next year. We also hope to have one or two places available for bilingual candidates.


Required documents
  • cover letter
  • birth certificate
  • dossier d’inscription form
  • Photo
  • grade reports (three years including the current year)
  • two writing samples
  • CNED reports (if necessary)
  • curriculum information
  • two recommendations (English teacher and Head of School).

Complete instructions are available online once you log in.

  • December 1 - January 15 - application file submitted
  • February / April - testing
  • May - acceptances-French immersion

  • June - acceptances- bilingual candidates