Twelfth Grade / Terminale Application Details

Class Details
  • Bilingual:  80% French and 20% American, consisting of four hours of Language and Literature two hours of History, and two hours of Contemporary US Society.

  • Class Size : four classes of 13-15 students each (Lycée International campus only).

  • Estimated number of places available next year: 0-2 places, bilingual only 

  • Age:  Candidates must be born in 2006 to enroll in this class (17 years old).
  • Level of English: Applicants must possess native-level English (spoken, written, comprehension) to be considered for the program.
  • Level of French : Applicants must possess native level French (spoken, written, comprehension) in order to be considered for the program. We do not have a French immersion program at this level.
  • BFI eligibility: Because the BFI option is a two-year program, the American Section can only consider applicants transferring from other American option BFI programs who have completed the Première program.


Applications should be submitted online via the American Section website between December 1 and January 15 for the following school year.  


A written test is required for all candidates. An individual interview may be scheduled at a later date for selected candidates as part of a second round of assessments.

  • Local candidates: Testing will take place on-site at the Lycée International on Wednesday afternoon February 1, 2023. Details will be sent to candidates on January 23, 2023.
  • Overseas candidates: Group testing will take place online in January and February. Information will be sent to you once your file has been submitted.

Class specific information about the Twelfth Grade (Terminale) curriculum is available here. 


Sudents choose two spécialités among eight possibilities in Twelfth Grade (Terminale). The Lycée International offers the following choices:

  • Histoire-Géographie-Géopolitique et Sciences Politiques (HGGSP)
  • Humanités-Littérature-Philosophie (HLP)
  • Maths
  • Science Numérique- Science Informatiques (NSI)
  • Science de la Vie et de la Terre (SVT)
  • Physique/Chimie
  • Science Economiques et Sociales (SES)
BFI Diploma

The Baccalauréat Français International (BFI) was created by the French government to offer a genuinely bilingual education to its citizens living abroad or returning from overseas, as well as to foreigners studying in French schools around the world or residing in France for a significant period of time. It is a particularly demanding version of the French Baccalaureate.

After following a fully bilingual curriculum during their last two years of school, students take oral and written exams in English and French, each language having to be at a standard enabling them to work at ease in any subject at university level.

Detailed information about the Baccalaureate Français International (or BFI) is available here

Click below for more information on the following: 
EXAM results  

University Placements


Required documents
  • cover letter
  • birth certificate
  • dossier d’inscription form
  • Photo
  • grade reports (three years including the current year)
  • two writing samples
  • CNED reports (if necessary)
  • Standardized tests (if available) 
  • curriculum information
  • two recommendations (English teacher and Head of School).

Complete instructions are available online once you log in.

  • December 1 - January 15 - application file submitted
  • February / April - testing
  • June  - acceptances