Fourth Grade / CM1 Application Details

Class Details
  • Bilingual: Native-level English and French Students are enrolled in a French “Ecole Elémentaire” for the French portion of the program then excused twice a week to attend American Section classes.

  • Class Schedule : Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings + Art and Library

  • Class Size : Two classes of 20 students each (Lycée) and one class of 12-18 (Ecole Schnapper)

  • Estimated number of places available next year: 6-8 places

  • Age: Candidates must be born in 2014 to enroll in this class (9 years old).
  • Level of English: Applicants must possess native-level English (spoken, written, comprehension) to be considered for the program.

Class specific information about the Fourth Grade (CM1) curriculum available here


Applications should be submitted online via the American Section website in December and January for the following school year. After January, please check our website for any further availability at this grade level.


Testing is not required at this grade level and will be decided on a case-by-case basis once a candidate’s dossier has been fully evaluated.

French Immersion/Français Spécial  

This is a specialized track for candidates who do not yet speak French or who have very little knowledge of the language. The class is composed of 15-20 new students coming from all of the world. Students work with a specialized French teacher from September to June to develop their knowledge of French while maintaining their native level of English with the American Section. As the year progresses, other subjects (Math, Science, History) are also added to the program by the French teacher. The program is challenging and requires good study habits, adaptability, and a motivation to learn a new language even from the youngest candidates. By the end of year, French immersions students should be ready to join the mainstream bilingual program.

If you are considering this option, we recommend that you contact the Admissions Office to go through details of the program before applying.

Please note that the French-immersion class will run as a combined level next year: either third/fourth grade or fourth/fifth grade. This can impact the American Section classes and may require a child to be placed in a higher grade level for one year.

Campus Placement Options

Location: Ecole Schnapper
Schedule: Full-time
Spaces available for 2023-24 academic year: 0-2
The American Section welcomes approximately 70 students at this partner school located nearby in St. Germain. Students attend their American Section classes as well as their French classes on this site. This is the only placement option with extended hours offering daycare and study hall possibilities after school.

Location: Lycée Campus
Schedule: Externé
Estimated externé spaces for the 2023-24 academic year: at least 4
This is a part-time option in which students come to the Lycée campus two half-days per week for their American Section classes. The rest of the time they attend their local French school. Please note that the majority of all primary students at the Lycée are externés (Currently 750 students from 11 international sections). Externé students may request a full-time place in successive years depending upon space availability.

Location: Lycée campus
Schedule: Full-time
Estimated spaces for the 2023-24 academic year: at least 2 in French Immersion/Français Spéciale 
Spaces are very limited. Priority will go to students who qualify for the French-immersion program (full-time bilingual places that become available will go first to currently enrolled externé students).


Required documents
  • cover letter
  • birth certificate
  • dossier d’inscription form
  • Photo
  • grade reports (three years including the current year)
  • two writing samples
  • recommendation from a currrent teacher 

Complete instructions are available online once you log in.

  • December 1 -January 31: application file submitted
  • March-April: testing
  • May: acceptances sent