Ninth Grade / 3ème Application Details

Class Details
  • Bilingual:  80% French and 20% American, consisting of four hours of Language and Literature and two hours of History.

  • Class Size : two classes of 20 students each (Collège Marcel Roby) and one class of 20 (Lycée International).

  • Estimated number of places available next year: 0 Regretfully, we will not be accepting applications for this class in 2023-2024 due to space availability. The following is provided for general information only.

  • Level of English: Applicants must possess native-level English (spoken, written, comprehension) to be considered for the program.
  • Level of French : Bilingual applicants must provide proof of age-appropriate French. This can be done by providing grade reports from a French school or CNED reports (cours à distance). If these are unavailable, please contact the Admissions Office before applying. Non-Francophones must qualify for the French-immersion program to enter the program.
  • Foreign Language (Langue Vivante) requirements: A minimum of one additional foreign language is required at this grade level. Students should have at least two years of study in Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, or Italian. Please check with the Admissions Office for any other options.



Class specific information about the Ninth Grade (Troisième) curriculum is available here. 

French Immersion/Français Spécial  

This is a specialized track for candidates who do not yet speak French or who possess very little knowledge of the language (spoken and written). The class is composed of 15-20 new students coming from all over the world. During the first year, French-immersion students will have three objectives: to assimilate a new language, to complete their grade level coursework in that language, and to maintain native-level English. The following year, the French-immersion students must be ready to move into the regular bilingual classes. The FS program is challenging. Candidates must possess a strong academic record, good study habits, and a motivation to learn a new language and to integrate into a new culture.

Additional eligibility requirement: Due to a recent reform in graduation requirements, we are only able to consider candidates for our French immersion program who have some knowledge of an additional foreign language. This would be a minimum of two years of classes in Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, or Hebrew.

If you are considering this option, we recommend that you contact the Admissions Office about the program before applying.

Please note that the French-immersion class at this level is run as a combined class of eighth- and ninth-grade students. This impacts the American Section timetable and will require a child to be placed in the American Section’s eighth grade class for the first year and then move into tenth grade the following year.

Campus Placement Options

Collège Marcel Roby Campus
Schedule: Full-time
Estimated spaces available for 2023-2024 academic year:  0
The majority of our Middle School students attend classes on this campus conveniently located in the center of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The American Section runs two classes per level here with 20 students each. Spanish and Russian section students also attend classes on this site as well as students from the catchment area. We hope to have one or two spaces become available on this site for bilingual candidates.

Lycée International Campus
Schedule: Full-time
Estimated spaces for the 2023-24 academic year: 0
The American Section runs one class per level on this site. 


Required documents
  • cover letter
  • birth certificate
  • dossier d’inscription form
  • Photo
  • grade reports (three years including the current year)
  • two writing samples
  • CNED reports (if necessary)
  • curriculum information
  • two recommendations (English teacher and Head of School).