Class Trips

Starting in fifth grade, American Section students participate in annual class trips. These outings are designed as community-building as well as extended classroom events, uniting all American Section students from a particular grade regardless of class or campus.       

  • Fifth-grade (CM2) students take a three-day trip to the Centre Nicolas Hulot at the Branféré animal park in Brittany, where they learn how to make a difference in the world via immersive ecology projects.
  • Sixth-grade (Sixième) students take on the challenges of Middle School by pushing their personal boundaries on a treetop ropes course. 
  • Seventh-grade (Cinquième) students spend three days in Amsterdam, exploring the city's history and focusing on issues of tolerance and diversity.
  • Eighth-grade (Quatrième) students explore themes related to sustainability at the Fondation Good Planet in the Bois de Boulogne.
  • Ninth-grade (Troisième) students travel to the Musée de la Grande Guerre in Meaux, where they learn first-hand about the First World War as part of their history curriculum.
  • Tenth-grade (Seconde) students go on a two-day adventure with outdoor activities by day (kayaking, mountain biking, archery, and a mountain ropes course), and group advisory activities in the evening. 
  • Eleventh-grade (Premièrestudents enjoy a two-day trip to Normandy that combines study of World War II and the Cold War, as well as the literary genre of war poetry.

In addition to these “all-class” trips, there are others involving select groups of students. The three-day London trip offers 20 Upper School students the opportunity to attend live theater performances and explore London’s history and culture. Another is the annual India trip, where some 20 Upper School students travel to Ahmedabad, India, for an intense two weeks of cultural exchange and community service. Additionally, a Model United Nations delegation travels to The Hague for prestigious inter-school conferences.

Students have ample opportunity for trips organized by the French side of the school as well. French primary school classes at the Lycée, Ecole Schnapper, and our externé schools organize class trips at various levels each year. Middle and Upper School  students participate in student-exchange programs and language/cultural trips, with destinations in recent years including China, Cambodia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Togo, Russia, and various parts of France.