Annual Fund

The American Section community contributes with ever-increasing generosity to our Annual Fund drive. The money raised through the Annual Fund provides services and support above and beyond our operating expenses, which are funded by tuition. Programs such as financial assistance, Summer Awards, and Writer-in-Residence are supported entirely by the Annual Fund.

Donations also allow us to fund:

  • technological infrastructure
  • wellness and advisory programs
  • community-service initiatives
  • college counseling

Annual Fund donations also replenish our library shelves and support the arts. Gifts make a tangible difference to the educational experience of students of all ages.

It doesn’t take a large donation to make a significant impact. Last year, gifts ranged from 10€ to several thousand euros. The collective effort raised over 120,000€ for the American Section. Whether you make a participation gift or a leadership gift, we ask that everyone please be as generous as your circumstances allow. Over 50% of our families and 83% of our faculty/staff participate in fundraising efforts. We welcome you to join them!

Still not convinced? Watch the Don’t Give debate!

Thank you in advance for supporting the American Section!

Download a donation form